About Kerry Jeffs




Kerry started her creations due to a road traffic accident in 2012. Kerry believes that she is the proof that something good can come out of something bad, and wants to give people inspiration and hope, that you too, can discover a new talent you can thrive on.


With Kerry's experience of living with her acquired brain injury (ABI), and the loss of her Mother in 2014 due to life-long depression, hopes that this reaches out to anybody who suffers with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), ABI and depression. 


This approach could be seen as self-therapy for people living with these conditions, Kerry did this to help her injured brain to improve concentration and attention. Kerry hopes to start workshops within Headway Brain Injury Association.


This all started with her determination to 'get better', she practiced the basics of reading a clock and re-learning the ABC whilst in Haywards Heath Hospital. When at home, Kerry found the courage to go outside, she bought beads and a tiny duck ornament. Gluing the beads to the ornament was a huge challenge for her, due to the brain injury and fatigue. This showed the path to the discovery of her brilliant artwork that she creates today.


Kerry’s collection of her artwork can be seen in the gallery, it shows her progress of what she has discovered and solely created after her accident. She is very proud of this.


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