Kerry uses high quality tools and equipment using brands like Lindstrom precision pliers, Michael Harding oil paint and mediums. All WP's created before April 2017 uses Windsor & Newton paints and mediums. She also uses Scientific Wire Company from

studio nov 2019 (5).jpeg
About Kerry

Kerry is a self-taught wire and painting artist who did nothing like she does today before being involved in a road traffic accident in 2012 where she acquired a life-changing brain injury whilst cycling to work one here for more

How it works

It's hard to put it in one small paragraph but if you're keen on learning how she makes her art, the best way to do so would be to meet her at an exhibition. Kerry now runs an annual Artists Open Houses exhibition in Worthing, where she will be doing a demo/ talk and maybe even a small 1 hour workshop!

The Digits Among the Signature

At first Kerry started signing her work with, for example, "0815" means that this is the eighth piece of artwork that Kerry has created in the year 2015. Any work from Nov 2019 will not have this.

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