About Kerry Jeffs.                                                                                                                                                                           2017



I keep changing my mind as to whether or not to talk about myself so openly like this, I've looked at numerous websites for other artists, and none of them tell you a single thing about themselves, so there's a part of me that needs to 'fit in', but the bigger part of me says "no, you know what - you have achieved an awful lot and you did it all by yourself...from scratch". Own it!

Kerry is a self-taught wire and painting artist who did nothing like she does today being being involved in a road traffic accident in October 2012 where she acquired a life-changing brain injury whilst cycling to work one morning (the one time I decided to leave earlier than usual!...Coincidence?).

Kerry turned to arts and crafts in the aftermath of the accident. "During recovery I started doing craft to improve my concentration and discovered I had a strong creative streak. As time went on I tackled bigger art projects and realised that it gave me a sense of purpose as well as improving my cognitive and communication difficulties.

In the early days of recovery Kerry struggled to put words together, walk properly and soon faced other long-term cognitive difficulties such as fatigue and memory problems as a result of her brain injury. She had difficulty completing simple tasks she once took for granted which meant she was no longer able to do her job.

It is hard to believe that a horrifying trauma like this has taken from a routine life working in retail to an increasingly well-known and respected local artist, and much to her surprise more and more people have taken interest in her art and she has started to publicly exhibit and is now taking commissions.


This was written in 2017 and it is now 2020. I am now almost 40 years old and I'm sitting here wondering how I'm going to fit in everything I want to do for the second half of my life! Most people assume that someone who goes through such a life-transforming event will live each day as if it were the last....that would be an exhausting task. However, I do know from my experience that there's something going on. I like to think the universe has my back.

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