H40 x W50 x D2 cm.   1.34 kg

Kerry is proud to include the logo alongside permissions granted by Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.


Comes with a white double mount in a simple pine frame without glazing


NEW!  This painting can now be sold with a frame of your choice!  


By doing this you are in agreement that the pricing may increase according to what frame you choose, and you must acknowledge that the waiting time to receive the painting will be as long as it takes for me to order, re-frame, re-weigh, and therefore re-calculating postage, if necessary.

Please note that the mounts used cannot be changed. The artwork does not come with any kind of glazing as this is not required for oil paintings, but if you require glazing do let me know asap. There may be extra costs.

Any changes in the price will be discussed with you before proceeding with any of the above alterations.

Unless you know what you want, have a browse on PicFrames.co.uk, share the code with me (e.g. B59) and I will order, frame, and weigh the item for any postage costs.

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