How I Discovered My Art


This is a page where you can read my story in a more creative way - through poetry. There is a message to others who are also living with ABI, and an updated list of the positive things that has happened since 2012.

How I Discovered My Art


A terrible accident

That changed my life

It was full of despair

And certainly uncertain.


My past self was forgotten

I couldn't remember who I was

But deep down, I also always knew

That eventually, I’d be ok.


I met a stranger when I woke up,

She did a lot of things I didn't like

Which annoyed me a lot.

I wasn't ready to make new friends!


So I fought and I screamed at her.

All I wanted was for her to go away,

I didn't like her,

She wasn't very nice to me.


She was just like an annoying child,

Always doing the wrong thing,

Saying the wrong thing,

She always seemed to let me down.


She always forgot stuff,

Even the important things.

I couldn’t rely on her,

I didn't trust her opinion, it’s so weak.


It frustrated me how slow she was,

And how slow she still is,

She always made me look like an idiot,

She’s so stupid!


So I tried to shut her up,

Started yelling at her,

Telling her she was an idiot,

“Leave me alone!”


I couldn't get rid of her

So I just pushed her in the corner

I was too scared to let her go out,

Just in case she did something stupid.


I watched her cry, every day.

I was so mean to her,

I watched her become weaker.

Her fear- it became bigger than herself.

I felt awful,

And I felt sorry for her.

How could I be so horrible?!!

Poor thing.


So I held out my hand and said

“Come on, let's go out,

Let’s go to the shop together,

And discover something new”.


We bought beads & a tiny duck ornament.

So with some glue, and tweezers in hand

And silent words of encouragement-

 ‘You can do it’.


The amount of effort it took

Was incredible, but I did it!

I challenged myself, and I won!

And I found I enjoyed it.


I wanted nothing more than anything,

To improve my attention

      And my concentration,

To help my new found friend.


We saw some coloured wire,

And curiosity got the better of me,

Not a clue of what I would do with it

So it was a new exciting challenge!


Arms rolled up and ready to go.

My eagle eyes spot some sequins,

Let's make a dandelion,

                (Where did that come from?!)

So Trio Dandelions was born! ;o)


One challenge after another,

I’ve always wanted pictures

To decorate my empty walls,

Now I make them!


That's how it all started!


From me & my injured brain, to you & yours!


Not only did this get me outdoors

It taught me that fighting it,

Makes it worse, and besides…

I did find something, something great.


Don’t be a bully to your brain,

Be determined to get the best out of it.

Eat well, sleep well.

Practice is perfect.


We all want our lives to be better,

But we won't do anything about it???

Or we find ‘reasons’ to not do something

There's too many ‘ifs’, and ‘buts’, or ‘maybes’.



If you want everything to be better,

You need to be willing to try everything

And if you fail, do it again!


Everybody has somebody.

People who wants to help you,

But you have to let them help you.

They will not make you do horrible things!


Especially if you are lucky enough

To have the help of a therapist,

I challenge you! Challenge yourself

To do everything they suggest!


That’s exactly what I did.

There was a few that I didn't do,

Things that weren't right for me,

But at least I can say I tried.


I discovered I have a lot of patience,

Through determination of course,

You get nothing, from doing nothing.

Get yourself out there.


I’ve written all of this down in the hope

That somehow this will help you,

Help you by encouraging you to get the best

     Out of what you’ve been given,

And to get the best out of what you’ve got.


I wish I had this when I needed it!



My list of positives thanks to the accident


  • Discovering my art…of course!

  • I quit smoking (I think the coma might have helped with that!)

  • I’m healthier

  • I eat well

  • I’m fitter

  • I’ve put on a bit of weight

  • Working part-time (who wouldn’t be jealous!)

  • Less responsibilities

  • All the help I’ve received from various therapists and other experts

  • Having more appreciation, and consideration of others

  • The timing of having therapy also helped me get through other difficult times, the death of my mum, and more.

  • I don’t gamble anymore (fruit machines, lottery etc.)





By Kerry Jeffs, 13/02/15.

From Worthing, West Sussex.


© Kerry Jeffs. All Rights Reserved.