WAOH Artist looking for venue page           

This is updated frequently. Last update 26/02/2020


WALL:         FULL

TABLE:        1 available

GARDEN:    No restrictions as yet

FLOOR:       Space av. for stands/

                     easels etc

Number of artists:  11

Kerry Jeffs - Wire Paintings, photography 

Mel Chennell - Photography & jewellery 

Lea Dishot - Collage/Embroidery hanging art 

                       & also crafts 

Jodie Marno -  Freestyle Diodrama

Collette Kilford - 3D Textile Art

Mary Kinsella - Mixed Media paintings 

Barry Chidlow - Woodturning

Shan Orr-Ewing- Fused Glass

Tom Gillham - Semi Abstract Paintings 

Connie Hebenton - Abstract paintings in

                                    natural pigments

Ian Jeffs - Freestanding art, upcycling

Isla - 

Michelle - prints and illustration

DT Forsdyke - Stained Glass TBC

Helen Bedding - Acrylic paintings TBC

Claire ? - Seascape Paintings TBC

Bambi Goodman - Illustrative Paintings TBC

Still need...

  • Sculptures, graffiti artist & wall hangings for the garden. 

  • Pottery. Video art.

  • Textile: cushions/ lamp shades. 

  • Volunteers to do a demo/ workshop (or to simply create your art infront of people as they walk by)

Workshops & Demos:

Possible (but not yet 100% confirmed!) interactive activities such as workshops,  and demonstrations where customers can get to know you and see you at work (also gives you something to do!) :

- Wire art or crafts by Kerry    £tbc

- Portrait photos by Mel           £tbc

- Lino prints by Shan                £tbc

- 'Artists at Work' - Collette,    Free

          Kerry, Connie

Hi! I thought to create a page for the people who are interested in exhibiting at my home, 12 Pilgrims Walk for the Worthing Artists Open Houses June 2020. The dates are 13/14 June | 20/21 June | 27/28 June 2020.

So, I have a two bed house near to West Worthing Station & local bus stops (see map on contact page) with lots of wall, table and floor space as well as a back garden. As far as parking goes, I can give you some ideas but I don't drive, so you would be better to use your own experience/ knowledge of where you legally can and can't park. I intend to draw a map of close alleyways and shortcuts for you which should widen the parking opportunities for you quite a lot.


I am an experienced WAOH exhibitor, and this is my first time of hosting. I am looking for artists who see the importance of being here as much as possible, and are happy to meet, greet and talk to the customers. You will need to bring your own lunch (there are local shops), and change for customer purchases. If you run out of change I'm sure other artists will help you out. You are welcome to use my WiFi for personal use and for your own card payment methods if you have one - I will have my own PayPal card reader and you are more than welcome to use it, just make sure I transfer the money across by the end of the day. I will ask for £15 per artist, but I do not charge commission, what you earn is yours to keep.

My home is a blank canvas and I am open to any ideas you may have, including limited installations. The entrance to the property will be at the rear, through the back garden. I have an open lounge and an upstairs studio. Half of the available wall space is wallpapered (textured white wallpaper) in which I will be installing a hanging system, so where your paintings are hung depends on weight. Paintings, and some other arts will generally be hung using the hanging system where possible, it will be screws and nails otherwise, which I will provide. There is plenty of space for jewellery and other crafts too, including your own display stands etc. There is currently no limit on how many artists (please keep an eye on the updated availability above).


We will be setting it up together. Ideally I would like all of you to be all set up by Wednesday 10th June. I will be available on weekends, evenings AND afternoons to help set up.

All artists are strongly advised to insure their creations, your art or craft will NOT be covered by my home insurance. I do have public cover. I do recommend SAA Artists Insurance, who also cover crafts insurance. See their details below. My advice is to be sure on what cover you need, for example, my wire pictures are paintings, but not considered as paintings by SAA, because they have more than just paint. Ridiculous huh!! So insulting, tut tut. If you're not sure, call them, they are friendly. And FYI, you will need to get cover from the first and last day when you bring your art here, (including storage period) not just for the individual 3 weekends.




Website: https://www.saa.co.uk/

Tel: 0800 433 4939

Insurance guide: https://www.saa.co.uk/info/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/Insurance-Guide-July-2019-USE-THIS-ONE.pdf

Registration form: https://www.saa.co.uk/info/registration-form-for-insurance-on-paintings-at-exhibitions/

Contact directly for crafts: Tel: 0800 433 4939

Get in touch if you want to know more. Emails and texts are hugely preferred and I will get back to you straightaway/ asap. 


kerry@wirepictures.co.uk, mobile 07833687206 - unless urgent, text messages only please.


In addition to this (sorry!), I have just found this page from WAOH team. Be sure to read it, we are a big part of something amazing.


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